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There are 2 surveys – fill them in and tell us how you get on and you will be in with a chance of winning a dinner party cooked by Steve for you and your friends, tickets to Shrewsbury Food Festival in June or brunch at Daily Brews

There are 5 key tips:

Incredibly, we waste over a third of the food we produce.

Food waste causes 8% of global carbon emissions.

The Shrewsbury Food Hub team does a great job of mopping up the 30% of food waste that occurs during food production and in retail. But 70% of food waste happens once the food has been bought and is in our own homes – in our fridges, bread bins and fruit bowls. To help combat this, we’ve launched our Taste with no Waste challenge to make a dent in food waste at home – and save money.

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What are the benefits of this challenge?

Did you know that food waste costs the average family £700 a year! Reducing the amount of food we waste is a no brainer for saving money. Plus the fact that food waste causes 8% of our carbon emissions – so reducing food waste reduces our carbon footprint and is really good for the planet.

Join the Taste with no Waste Challenge and make the most of the ingredients you buy.

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Huge thanks to Severn Trent #STCommunityFund, Postcode Community Trust funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, The Walker Trust, Reech, and Shropshire Good Food Partnership for helping us to deliver Taste with no Waste for environmental and social good.